• 12:03:28 12-04-2014

    School Attendance

    Mark students attendance using your mobile application right inside your classroom with instant notifications to parents for absent or sick students.

  • 03-02-2018 11:08:33

    Record Of Marks

    Get the power of our dynamic analyics tools for automating grading by class and stream that brings learning trends on your finger tips

  • 9:12:28 10-11-2017

    Books Management

    Transfer, Issue, Return, Recieve and Search for books under your custody or in the library.

  • 3:33:12 06-03-2018


    Manage and respond to your trouble tickets that are raised by parents in a transparent, efficient and accountable manner with an auditable trail

  • 5:20:11 4-04-2014

    Class Management

    Monitor your class performance from tests, execrices and attendance right-down to individual students

  • 2:10:12 4-05-2018


    Plan and organise your work using school timetable that is linked to your mobile phone and calendar. Get your day schedule and remainders of upcoming events from your mobile device